Project Overview

NexGen Transportation played a pivotal role in supporting the Wind Rise Wind Farm as a whole along with other various contractors, Initial planning and verification of routing for 72m (236’) Siemens Blades.

Location: Southern Alberta near Fort Macleod
Loaded Dimensions: L 80m / W 4.5m / H 4.5m / 55t

what we did

First beginning in Lewiston, ID at the Discharge location where they arrived via barge, then staged at lay-down areas in temporary storage throughout the project. From Lewiston, ID NexGen Transportation provided Over The Road Services with our TEMISKO 5 Beam Blade Trailers first of their kind in Western Canada. These trailers were required due to the extreme lengths and support distances of these 72m Blades. Throughout the route our crews experienced many obstacles, minimum clearances and narrow 2 lane roads that had to be navigated with extreme caution. From beginning to end all components were loaded, delivered, offloaded safely and efficiently without any lost time.


Equipment Used:

  • x3 Tri-Drive Peterbilts
  • x3 Temisko 5 Beam Blade Trailers