4 EWT Turbines Port of Stewart to Whitehorse YT

Project Overview

NexGen was awarded the onsite unloading from ship to dock in early May then we returned in late June to transport the 4- EWT Turbines from the Port of Stewart to Whitehorse YT.

what we did

Some of the challenges with the project where night travel from the Port of Stewart to the Yukon border. Then the last 5km from the laydown to the top of hill involved going around 5 switches back and sections of road up to a 18% grade.  The use of blade trailers and tow assist trucks aided in completing the project on schedule and on time.  At the end of the project NexGen assisted in removing an old Vestas unit from the top of the hill down to a storage yard in Whitehorse.

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Origin: Port of Stewart
Destination: Haeckel Hill Whitehorse YT
Generator: 5.7m Wide, 30,000kg
Blade: 29m long
Tower sections: 23m long
Equipment used:
Temisko 5 Beam Blade Trailers